The Generosity of Irving Moskowitz

Irving Moskowitz was born by Jewish immigrants from Poland and he is the ninth of 13 children. He was born in 1928 and raised in Milwaukee. One of his most-loved sports is baseball and he became a great player of it. As a matter of fact, a contract was offered to him by Chicago professional team and Cleveland as well but he didn’t pursue his love for baseball. Irving desired for a different career and it was to become a doctor that he wanted. He chose a career that would help several people. Thus, he pursued medicine instead of becoming a professional athlete. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science in the University of Wisconsin. Though he loved medicine, he also loved business and he built and managed several hospitals around Florida.

Irving Moskowitz wasn’t selfish of his wealth but stretched out his hands to help others. In the year 1968, Irving Moskowitz organized the Moskowitz foundation to be able to help people within the community and even those outside. Twenty years after he opened in the City of Hawaiian Gardens a Bingo Club. However, gambling in this club has been legalized by the state. Irving’s Moskowitz Foundation is a charitable organization that funds help for the community. Moreover, the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank was created in 1995 so that there will be more aid to be provided in the city of Hawaiian Gardens. He continues to help the poor. His loving wife, Cherna Moskowitz, also participated in his charitable efforts. Married for over 60 years they had eight children.

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