Cherna Moskowitz

Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz, who serves as president of the Irving  Moskowitz Foundation, has made a $3,500 donation to Casa de los Angelitos. Casa de los Angelitos is a non-profit organization that houses pregnant women in crisis situations. Their goal is to provide a safe, secure living environment for pregnant women over the age 18 and their children of any race, religion, nationality, and financial status. They provide an atmosphere where residents can grow in dignity, love, and concern for one another. This organization is financially supported by private donations and receives no government funding.

Casa de los Angelitos offers programs that teach future mothers on how to be a mom. They provide valuable parenting skills and the essential life skills to live independently after leaving their program. Many of these pregnant women need a private, protected, and comfortable environment during their pregnancy. Casa de los Angelitos provides a safe, nurturing, and structured living environment, while allowing future mothers to concentrate on a healthy pregnancy.

The Irving I. Moskowitz foundation knows that their contribution will be used to fund the many programs this organization provides. This donation will help with housing costs, program fees, supplies for the children, medical needs, transportation, and other necessities for these pregnant women and children in need. Casa de los Angelitos provides pregnant women with the following programs and support services:

¡  Structured and nurturing living environment throughout pregnancy and up till the baby is three months of age;

¡  Personal care items, clothing, and food as required, as well as baby care items and furnishings;

¡  Individual and group counseling services;

¡  Classes in pre and post natal, labor and delivery, infant and child care, and parenting;

¡  Classes in nutrition, budgeting, personal organization and time management;

¡  Spiritual guidance and related support services;

¡  Transportation to medical, counseling, and other professional appointments;

¡  Opportunity to learn and practice computer and office related skills;

¡  Support in securing advanced education and employment programs;

¡  Case management with individualized goal plans and progress reports;

¡  Community referral and advocacy; and

¡  Assistance in securing safe and affordable community housing.

Dr. Irving  Moskowitz and Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz commit themselves to help improve the lives of those who cannot help themselves. Many of these women who come to Casa de los Angelitos have no other options and without Dr. Irving I. Moskowitz and Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz’s generous support, many of these women’s fate would be unknown. Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz wants these women and children to know that they are in good hands when they enter Casa de los Angelitos.

Having had eight children herself, Mrs. Moskowitz understands the importance of giving children a safe haven right from the start. Not only is Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz the mother to eight children, she also has 42 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Children are our future and Moskowitz Foundation is doing their part to give them a great start.