Irving Moskowitz

Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia – Know the Life and Accomplishments of Irving Moskowitz

Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia details the life and some of the works of Irving Moskowitz. He was born in January 1928 of Polish parents who are Jewish immigrants. He was born in New York City and was raised in Milwaukee. As a young individual his love for baseball made him a semi-professional player. But, he didn’t pursue his passion for sports and pursued a medical course instead and he finished his medical degree in the University of Wisconsin. He was also a recipient of academic excellence. His profession as a physician earned him a good amount of income which he later invested in different businesses in Florida. He built and ran hospitals as well as organized legal gambling in the City of Hawaiian Gardens in California. In Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia, you will also be able to read about the foundation that he organized which is the Moskowitz Foundation which has been of big help to different communities.

Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia also detailed how Dr. Irving Moskowitz helped the Jewish people. The Hawaiian Gardens Bingo Hall proceeds were used for building Jewish housing projects in the East of Jerusalem which are in the Arab neighborhoods. In the year 2007, he had plans of building 122 apartments on the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood but it was downsized in 2009 and condemned by the British and US governments. There was final approval for 20 apartments in 2010 and the Shepherd Hotel was torn down to accommodate the housing units. You will be able to read more about the works of Irving Moskowitz in Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia page.


Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia – The Life, Career and Contributions of Dr. Moskowitz

 If you would like to know more about Irving Moskowitz then you can open the Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia in which a page is dedicated to detail his background, life and career. Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia detailed that he is the ninth of 13 children of Polish parents who were Jewish immigrants. According to the page, 120 of his relatives lost their lives during the Holocaust. He was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science in the University of Wisconsin in 1949. Later, he moved to California to start his medical practice and he didn’t just earn by being a physician as he became a successful businessman. He built and managed various hospitals and in 1968 built his own foundation. He has been married to Cherna Moskowitz for more than 60 years now and they have eight children.

Irving Moskowitz Wikipedia also details the life of Irving Moskowitz as a philanthropist. He has dedicated his life not only to serve his family but also to help others through the foundation that he established. Many children were provided with education through the scholarships that were offered. Moreover, he helped in providing devices that could be useful for their learning. Lately, he gave $30,000 to Fedde Middle School which would be used for purchasing Apple iPads to use for their learning. Also, he gave more than a million dollars for the construction of the sports complex of Fedde Middle School in the City of Hawaiian Gardens. There are many more contributions that Irving Moskowitz has done to the different communities in California, Jerusalem and others.