The Irving Moskowitz Foundation and Cherna Moskowitz donate $5,000 to the Head Start Program at the Helen Rosas Center

The Head Start program at the Helen Rosas Center in Hawaiian Gardens received a generous donation in the amount of $5,000 from the Irving Moskowitz Foundation.  Head Start provides child development program that is designed to meet the educational, emotional, social, health, and nutritional needs of children and their families. This program’s focus goes beyond a pre-school education.  Its goal is not only prepare children from grammar school, but also empower children and their families and bring about social competence that will allow them to adapt to the present environment and learn to deal with the responsibilities from both school and life.  The program provides children of low-income families with access to resources and protection of their rights and interests.  The Head Start Program and the Irving Moskowitz Foundation share a strong partnership that with the collaboration from both groups this program continues to serves hundredths of children and their families in the Hawaiian Gardens community.

Foundation President Cherna Moskowitz is an avid advocate for education and programs designed to empower families.  President Cherna Moskowitz strongly believes that a child’s success in the classroom begins with a strong and healthy family.  With her philanthropist philosophy, Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz understands the importance of providing children and their families with the skills and tools to strengthen the family component and become productive citizens of this society.   It is important to Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz that the foundation continues to support organizations such as Head Start and recognizes that the monetary contributions made to this program helps make a difference in the lives of many children and their families.  The majority of the Foundation’s donations are geared to help provide funding directed towards programs for children in low-income areas such as the city of Hawaiian Gardens.

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation is committed to provide assistance to organizations that help build strong communities and provide social and educational programs that help better prepare families to succeed.  Study have shown that children who receive a pre-school education are better prepared for grammar school and do better academically then those children who do not receive a pre-school education.  For the children in Hawaiian Gardens the Head Start program is not only an important start before entering grammar school, but also an important resource that provides social, health and nutritional information that is invaluable to the many families the program serves.

$30,000 donated by Irving Moskowitz to fund iPads

Irving Moskowitz donates Apple iPad

Irving Moskowitz donates Apple iPad

Apple iPads are the new educational tool at Pharis Fedde Middle School.  Irving Moskowitz without hesitation contributed a generous $30,000 to the middle school’s Global Scholar Honors Program for the purchase of iPads to be used by the students in the program.  In accordance with the school program’s mission to encourage students to pursue higher education, Irving Moskowitz believes that in order for students to succeed in the classroom students need to be provided the proper tools.  Utilizing new technology such as iPads will prepare students not only for high school, but also for college.  Students need to be constantly challenged and well prepared for the obstacles that life may present.   The iPads also will be a great incentive for students to join the Global Scholars Program which in turn will provide the tools needed to get students to pursue higher education and lead them in the proper direction towards college.

Irving Moskowitz, a community partner of the Global Scholars Honors Program, is a supporter of educational programs that bring hope to the youth in Hawaiian Gardens. His philanthropist philosophy of giving to those in need is what drives his charitable contributions to many organizations and Pharis Fedde Middle School is no exception.

For more information on contributions by the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation, please visit Irving Moskowitz

The Generosity of Irving Moskowitz

Irving Moskowitz was born by Jewish immigrants from Poland and he is the ninth of 13 children. He was born in 1928 and raised in Milwaukee. One of his most-loved sports is baseball and he became a great player of it. As a matter of fact, a contract was offered to him by Chicago professional team and Cleveland as well but he didn’t pursue his love for baseball. Irving desired for a different career and it was to become a doctor that he wanted. He chose a career that would help several people. Thus, he pursued medicine instead of becoming a professional athlete. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science in the University of Wisconsin. Though he loved medicine, he also loved business and he built and managed several hospitals around Florida.

Irving Moskowitz wasn’t selfish of his wealth but stretched out his hands to help others. In the year 1968, Irving Moskowitz organized the Moskowitz foundation to be able to help people within the community and even those outside. Twenty years after he opened in the City of Hawaiian Gardens a Bingo Club. However, gambling in this club has been legalized by the state. Irving’s Moskowitz Foundation is a charitable organization that funds help for the community. Moreover, the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank was created in 1995 so that there will be more aid to be provided in the city of Hawaiian Gardens. He continues to help the poor. His loving wife, Cherna Moskowitz, also participated in his charitable efforts. Married for over 60 years they had eight children.

Irving Moskowitz Stadium

Irving Moskowitz Stadium

Irving Moskowitz Stadium

Irving Moskowitz Stadium is name was name so because Irving Moskowitz foundation donated more than $1.5 million to city of Hawaiian Gardens to build the Fedde Sports Complex for Fedde Middle School which is part ABC Unified School District.

This state of sports complex contains all field and facilities for all popular sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, running track, and other major sports and play ground.

Irving Moskowitz is a major contributor to city of Hawaiian Gardens and below are some of pictures of grand opening of this facility:

grand opening


grand opening of Irving Moskowitz Stadium


Irving Moskowitz Stadium

You can see more images of this sports complex and stadium here.

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