The Food Bank of Hawaiin Gardens

The city of Hawaiian Gardens might be the smallest city in Los Angeles County, but that’s exactly what makes it feel like such a tight knit community. Hawaiian Gardens has an area of a whopping 1 square mile, and over 14,000 residents call it their home. Jobs offered in the city of Hawaiian Gardens are more prevalent than ever before considering its pint size, but more jobs or not, many residents of the city have been no stranger to tough times. The poverty level in Hawaiian Gardens is currently at 26.2% according to the US Census, its neighbor, the city of Cypress comes in at 5.8%. Regardless of what city anyone is from, no one should be living in poverty. From the outside looking in, one might think Hawaiian Gardens residents were successfully coming back from our economic recession. You would see its newly paved streets and its completed citywide beautification project, renovations throughout its parks and updates to its recreational center the city has provided for its residents, but the one thing no one can see is that hunger in this tiny community is still very present. Hunger is rarely talked about here in our own cities mainly due to the fact that we live in America. The truth is, many children, adults, and families are hungry. Thanks to the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation, non-profit organizations such as the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank can ensure families won’t struggle with hunger. Statistics show that in this community alone, one in four kids is currently without food.

Cherna Moskowitz and the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation have been a huge contributor in ensuring the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank accomplishes its vision by donating to its cause so that the organization may continue to distribute food to low-income families on a weekly basis. The support received by Cherna and other supporters not only nourish bodies of those that are hungry, but they also assist in raising hunger awareness and provide resources to those in need. Irving and Cherna Moskowitz have maintained ongoing support with the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank through their charitable contributions over the years and because of their help, they have been a key supporter of this organization.

On average, the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation donates to the food bank $500,000 per year. With donations as generous as these, hunger is being fought head-on, and families are being provided nutrition as well as resources to battle a pain no one deserves to feel.

The late Irvine Moskowitz along with his foundation clearly had a vision for this city, and his wife Cherna is continuing his good work through her ongoing contributions. They always say good things come in small packages, and for this tiny little city, it definitely rings true.  Residents of Hawaiian Gardens have much to be grateful for. They have a city that is passionate about what they do, and organizations and its supporters that are passionate about others well-being.

The City of Hawaiian Gardens has undergone many projects such as a citywide beautification program, the addition of a brand-new library, computer lab, youth center, skate park, and a state of the art sports complex. This city is also home to many bustling businesses in addition to The Gardens Casino and the Bingo Club. Amongst all these businesses that provide economic stability for not only its residents but the city itself, Hawaiian Gardens also provides for its youth through many different programs for both children and adolescents. Hawaiian Gardens focuses on individuals as well as families to ensure they live in a city they can be proud of. Hawaiian Gardens, initially founded during the great depression has gone from a few dirt roads containing a fruit stand at its crossroads, to a thriving city that prides itself on its community and what it can offer to its residents. Thanks to the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank, families dealing with tough times can rest a bit easier knowing this city provides resources to those who could use a little help. For more info on the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank or how you can help please call 562-860-9097.

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